The Corgi Co-Stars

September Corgis!
Bernie, full registered name "Bernice Brisen Ringo", came to us on October 21, 2006.  She is my first dog.  

Bernie was a challenging puppy to have especially for a first time owner but I stepped up to the challenge.  With the help of a great trainer, she became a awesome clicker trained dog and fell in love with shaping exercises.  Many of my trick videos on YouTube feature Bernie doing all sorts of fun stuff since she loves experimenting and will do anything for a click and a treat.  

She was trained in agility up to competition level but because of a continuous shoulder issue I retired her before we really began to compete.  X-rays revealed nothing but it keeps occurring and I'd rather her not be in pain.

Loves:  Food, all kinds.  Soft laps to invade.  Petting on her head. Squirrels. Performing abdominal surgery on plush toys.  Swimming.  Rolling in mud and dirt.  Eating grass.  Squirrels.  Barking for any and every reason.  Sterilized hollow bones.  Her special bed. People - even the small kind.  And Squirrels if I didn't already mention that.  

Hates:  Paw touching or body handling if it isn't her idea first.  Waiting for her meal in the morning.  Sharing.  Being surprised.  Annoying puppies in her face.  Thunder.  Fireworks. 

Bernie also has an issue with bladder stones that are caused by struvite crystal formation.  She is on a special raw diet to prevent crystals from forming.  So far it is working (fingers crossed and knock on wood).  
Corgi Visits the Dog Park

Basil, full registered name "Basil Bennington Ringo", came to us May 10, 2008 and is cousin to Bernie.  We wanted a tri-color male as a companion to Bernie.  He was sort of a last-minute decision as the breeder had a litter and we hadn't planned on getting him months and months before like we had with Bernie.  

Basil is our little goofball.  He is timid and needs lots of encouragement to try new things.  He is trained in agility and will officially begin competing December 2010 in pointed trials.  He made a "soft opening" debut in July at a fun match and did quite well despite my own nervousness. 

Likes:  Food, all kinds.  Tunnels.  Rolling in good, smelly things.  Other dogs.  Swimming.  Women.  Chasing after Bernie while she chases Squirrels.  Sleeping on tile.  Wubba toys.  Sticks.  Zooming around.  Children.  Agility.  Stealing toys from Bernie when she isn't looking.

Hates:  Loud noises.  Storms.  Not having unlimited food.

Byron - Cardigan Welsh Corgi - Puppy 5 Months
Byron, full registered name "Three Times a Charming Byron", came to us on October 22, 2010.  He is our first Cardigan Welsh Corgi.  I purchased him as an agility prospect and he is showing tons of potential.

Byron's personality is still developing but I'm already noticing lots of awesome things that will help me train him as an agility dog.

Likes:  Toys.  Really loves latex squeaky toys and long stuffed squeaky toys he can carry around from place to place.  Other puppies.  Exploring new places.  Chasing Bernie and Basil.  Turkey hotdogs.  Being scratched on his neck or behind his ears.  Being held.  Running.  Climbing to new heights.

Hates:  Having to be in his playpen while Bernie and Basil play.  Ear taping. 

For now three is the magic number. 
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