Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mat Training - Start Line Stay

Running is his favorite.
I've been working with Basil to get his start line stay to be more consistent.  After having a frustrating time of it I realized I need to just start him on the Control Unleashed method using a mat to maintain a behavior in a certain place.  I've been training it indoors around a practice jump.  Last night I brought our mat to class and did some more training.  His start lines were much better and I was able to get a good 4-5 feet distance away.  My instructor made a good point to be sure my release was verbal only and to really watch my body language as I gave him the release.

Despite the weather being much nicer than the last several months, we were both exhausted by the end of the night.  He did well on the 270 degree sequences and we fit in some teeter practice while waiting for our runs.  Some weeks he has more confidence on the teeter than others.

So our first trial will probably be 2 out of the 3 days at the CPE trial down in Pasco Paws in October.  I'd do all 3 but we're going to the Tosh.0 show that night at 10:30PM.  I'll need to nap beforehand so I'm not nodding off at work the next day.  We're excited to see Daniel Tosh live. 

The latest news on the Cardigan pup is that they've opened their eyes.  I haven't received any pictures of the eyes being opened yet.  We did get sad news that the girl pup that was having so much trouble feeding passed on after she stopped nursing on Sunday.  They took her to the vet to confirm that it was time and the vet found a small hole in the roof of her mouth.  I guess it just never closed up.  It is sad to hear but she was well taken care of. 

Counting down the days till Labor Day weekend.  I've got some house projects planned (hanging up a motion sensor flood light), general cleaning, and I'm teaching a class.  


  1. If you haven't already started, another thing to do is when you go to lead out, come right back and reward the wait. Do this as much as you can. It really helps!

    Another thing I do with Indi is to get in position, and then slightly move like I'm about to release her or start moving forward. She would break at first, but now she doesn't and waits for my actual release.

    A good start line stay is important, IMO. But of course it's not as much fun to train! :) And Indi would rather just run, run, run, so for her it's vital or she would self release all the time.

  2. I can't wait to see pictures of the puppies. I'm so sorry to hear the one passed on. So sad, but she was well cared for and loved.

    I think Dahlia would have an excellent start line stay. It's the GO that she would have trouble with. I swear I'm living in opposite world over here with my dog.

  3. Anita - yeah I've already done all that. I do tons of proofing, dancing around. walking around them in a circle while they stay in position, flicking my hands around - I look pretty silly. Agility just seems to be sooo much fun for Basil he has a hard time staying in a down in front of a jump. The mat made SUCH a difference though. I plan on doing it in front of different obstacles as we get better. The tunnel entrance start line stay is going to be hard I know.

    Michelle - having a great start line makes a huge difference. I wasn't going to worry about it so much with Basil and just do running starts, then a friend suggested I really take the time and work on it since it makes a huge difference in your run as you go further into competition. So I decided to take another crack at it.

    I bet Dahlia would have a great start line! You can tell she has a good stay in her pictures. Most people wouldn't be able to take photos like that of their dog.

  4. You're doing all the proofing in from of the first jump of the course?

    Glad to hear the mat is working! I'd love to hear more.

  5. I'm doing proofing in different places along with the start line jump. Seems to be getting better. When things click with him they click all at once. Different learning curve than Bernie but always interesting to watch him figure out how things work.


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