Friday, February 4, 2011


Bunny Butts Jump Cute
If you've ever been to a dog show you've probably watched people tug carts full of stuff to a crating area and then unload.  Conformation show people have even more stuff since they need a grooming table and grooming tools on top of regular show equipment.  Agility trials need lots of stuff when you're taking even just one dog!  one of the reasons I got a Honda Element was to fit all the stuff.  Here is a taste:
  • Crate(s) - typically need one or two depending on if you're using a travel crate or a wire crate.  
  • X-Pen - optional but some people prefer this to a crate.  I don't use one since Basil moves x-pen sides with his teeth.
  • Crate fans - if it gets hot at all you will need fans to keep the doggie cooled off.  Some people freeze water in 2 liter bottles to put in the crate for the dog to lay against in the middle of summer.  I don't do many summer trials since my dogs have double coats so I have a crate fan and a cooling element that snaps to it to help cool the air off.
  • Dishes - water/food
  • Water - both for yourself and your dog.  I like to bring water from home that the dog is used to drinking already.  A couple of gallons at a minimum comes in handy.
  • Ice - optional but I find that it is nice to have.  I usually get enough ice to last each day of the trial.
  • Chair - something comfortable that collapses.  Mine has a cute little side table with a spot for your water.  Also has pockets which come in handy to hold cell phones, course maps, pens/pencils, dog toys, leashes etc.
  • Rug - I'm finding lots of use for having a rug at the trial site.  In the morning when the grass is wet it is nice to have a dry spot.  Some people buy those large RV rugs to cover their entire crating area.
  • Tent - I don't have one yet but they sure are nice to have on those hot or rainy days when you need cover from the elements.  
  • Treats - bring several different kinds.  I like to bring cut up hotdogs, rotisserie chicken and some dry treats like Charlee Bears for variety. 
  • Shoes - If you compete in turf shoes or cleats, you'll have to bring those on top of comfy shoes to wear in between runs.  Also recommend extra socks.  I will run in cleats if the ground is wet and I need extra grip.  I have a great pair of kangaroo Adidas cleats.  
  • Leashes - I have 4-5 leashes I'll bring for different things.  I have several martingale slip leashes and a few snap leashes.  Something can always break so it is nice to have a backup.  Dogs can't run with a collar on in most venues so a slip on leash is a must.
  • Human Food - Not all venues serve food so you're safer if you pack your own.  Most trials last from 7AM - 5PM anyway. 
  • Sunscreen - I have super fair skin so this is a must along with a hat.
  • Cart - to carry all this stuff to your crating area since oftentimes it is a distance from where you parked your car.  
There's lots more involved but that is just a little bit of it!  Also lugging along my camera bag to get some photos and hopefully video this time of us doing our runs.  Can't wait!

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