Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Basil Update

Basil's ACL has been slowly tearing since January. The orthopedic surgeon told me it could completely tear at any time and there was no telling when it would happen.  Well, Sunday it happened.  You can see in the video him not wanting to put any weight on it or resting his toes on the ground on his right hind foot.

Sunday they called me back after I left a message and asked me to bring him in Monday morning. Monday they called to confirm his ligament had torn completely and he'd be having surgery the following day.  His ACL was repaired using the suture technique where two strong sutures are put in to mimic his ACL. Dr. Hay said this technique was highly successful in corgis since they typically have lots of muscle mass to handle it and recover quickly.

Last night I called and the tech said he was doing great. He ate all his dinner and went potty for him. Said he was a happy little guy and he'd give him a kiss for me.  (I'm definitely sending a huge thank you card to Dr. Hay and his staff).

Today he comes home! I set up a little area in the back room where he will be for several weeks when we are at work.  The real danger with ACL tears and recovery is reinjuring it on a slippery surface.  Anywhere Basil needs to walk in the house has to be covered with rugs or towels to prevent him from losing traction and slipping.  I've washed all the crate towels and blankets in the house and he will get my old bath towel to sleep in so he feels safe.

The other doggies haven't acted any different. Secretly I think Bernie is hoping Byron disappears as well so she can go back to being an only corgi.  I hope they let him rest when we get home and don't annoy him.

I plan on swimming Basil in the big garden tub once his incision heals to help him rehab his knee and keep his leg strong. I think him wearing the life vest it'll be deep enough that he can't touch the bottom and I can have him swim in place for a few minutes at a time. He likes to swim as long as I'm there with him so I don't think it'll be stressful.

Byron is doing well! We haven't been to agility in several weeks unfortunately due to various things but he is having fun at home running around the yard with Bernie.  Sometimes I catch them playing together.  I think she actually likes him!

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