Monday, January 30, 2012

Movie Review - The Grey

I was talked into seeing this movie over the weekend - the last movie we saw wasn't that great (Young Adult bleh) so it's been a while since January is a slow movie month typically and things don't start warming up till March.

Regardless, the hubs read the Rotten Tomatoes numbers to me and surprised I was that it had gotten such good reviews.  I wasn't quite sure how both critics and users had agreed that it was 77% fresh but I decided it was worth a shot.  

Liam Neeson has never let me down.

In fact... I'm surprised there is still a list of things that Liam Neeson should punch that he hasn't punched.  Pretty sure all of those items are on his 2012 goal list.

Oh was I doing a movie review? Oh yes.  We don't know much about the dude Liam Neeson is playing other than he's suicidal, he keeps having flashbacks to a wife under a white sheet that likes to stare at him a lot, and he works in a really, really cold place with a bunch of other hardass dudes.  

For some reason they allow planes in the air during blizzards and of course, things do not go well once the plane hits the ground. 

In this alternate universe folks don't get frostbite if they leave their faces uncovered in the bitter cold for days on end, wolves are the size of small buildings, falling into a river doesn't result in immediate hypothermia, and you can successfully detonate a shotgun shell with a pointy stick. 

The first half of the movie is awesome. Then it slows down while you wait for the really annoying survivors to be eaten by wolves. This takes a long time. 

It starts to pick up towards the end before you're given another gigantic let down. 

I won't spoil the ending but let's just say that this movie has no replay value.  Watch it once and you're done.  You got all the info that you need.  There is no Inception mind twist in this movie. Still - worth at least one watch for the Liam Neeson punching value. 


  1. Hi Kate! I hope my post goes through. I have had problems even trying to post to my own blog.

    Love your Liam Neeson comments. Too bad it wasn't a better movie...a night out anyway!
    Hugs to Byron and the gang!

  2. Channel 10 CuriousKatie?


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