Saturday, December 4, 2010

Photo Post!

I took a bunch of pictures at the corgi beach meetup today.  Those of you not in Florida - the beach down here is nice even in the winter months.  It got up to about 65 degrees while we were out there.  Everyone had a good time.  Byron ran in the surf a bit but never actually went for a swim.  I'll post the slideshow and then share some of my favorite pictures under a cut.

Fort De Soto Corgi Meetup-30
I like the crop I did on this photo. Makes Basil look like he's out in the wilderness.

Fort De Soto Corgi Meetup-33
I've always loved the dock at Fort De Soto Beach. And I've found a way to make Byron still look teeny!

Fort De Soto Corgi Meetup-34
Running with floppy ears is always cool.

Fort De Soto Corgi Meetup-45
That is Poppy that is flying in the air beside Basil. One of my favorite shots of the day.

Beach - Shells Closeup
Fun with aperture

Fort De Soto Corgi Meetup-53
This is Alice, Byron's sister. Her first time at the beach too! She didn't quite know what to make of it all...

Fort De Soto Corgi Meetup-55
As you can see...

Fort De Soto Corgi Meetup-58
Basil always finds a way to get comfy

Fort De Soto Corgi Meetup-67
The owners of Babe the corgi hanging out in the sand

Fort De Soto Corgi Meetup-71
Fun out of focus shot

Fort De Soto Corgi Meetup-75
Dirty Mouth Bernie

Fort De Soto Corgi Meetup-82
Odd angle on Basil but still cute

Fort De Soto Corgi Meetup-83
I love the way the color turned out in this photo with Bernie

Fort De Soto Corgi Meetup-87
Byron doing an anime face

Fort De Soto Corgi Meetup-91
Oh yeah. He's sexy.

Fort De Soto Corgi Meetup-96


  1. I found that picture of Alice at surfside on corgiaddict's blog ( ). A wonderful photo! I cropped it and am using it as my Windows background. You have to understand that I have not had a Windows background in six or seven years.

  2. I'm so glad you are enjoying the photos! I didn't know my picture had been featured over there - what a surprise! Alice is such a fun puppy and everyone had a great time that day.


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