Friday, December 10, 2010

Quickie Post

Just a quick post before I go to bed - we had a fun day at agility today.  We got qualifying scores in three out of four runs that we entered and 1st places in all.  Fun day :)  Basil now has a title of CL1-F since he got "Qs" in both Jackpot and Fullhouse at level 1 today.  We also managed to squeak out a Jumpers Q.  Totally blew it on Standard - I'm not as much fun as cat pee apparently and Basil thought that was way more interesting.  We did get the opening before he ran off to smell the cat pee on the fence line.

Byron did quite well at the new venue too.  I managed to get a few pictures.

CPE Trial Dec 2010

CPE Trial Dec 2010-2

CPE Trial Dec 2010-4

CPE Trial Dec 2010-6

CPE Trial Dec 2010-11

CPE Trial Dec 2010-13

Tomorrow we have more fun!

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