Tuesday, March 8, 2011

More Info on Basil's Hip

I just got off the phone with Basil's vet since I needed some clarification on what went on with his hip and how it could be going in and out of joint without showing signs of hip dysplasia.

She explained to me how they test the hips prior to the x-ray to see how well they rotate in the joint.  It is called Ortolani Sign.  He was positive for it in his left hip at about a 45 degree angle. 

The "Ortilani sign" is a test your veterinarian may perform during examination of your dog. Presence of the "Ortolani sign" indicates joint laxity in a young animal, but does not mean necessarily that the dog will develop hip dysplasia.

See video of it being performed 2 minutes in:

She told me usually when the hip does that she will see hip dysplasia on the x-ray but it didn't show up with Basil.  This means he has a ligament that has torn and now his hip isn't staying in the joint like it should.  

There isn't any way to tell if rest is going to fix it.  Dr. Ricci is hoping that rest will help more connective tissue to form around the area so the leg will stay in place better.  He does seem to be responding to the Rimadyl and glucosamine supplement, I haven't seen him limp since he's started them.   She will check and x-ray again next month to see how things have turned out.  

I asked her about surgery to repair the ligament and she said that is usually only done for dogs that have problems keeping the hip in joint a majority of the time and even then, the mobility the dog has afterwards isn't great.  If Basil was to get some sort of surgical intervention she felt he would be worse off than he is now.  

So I'm seriously looking at having to retire him permanently. I can have a specialist look at him to get a second opinion if we get bad news next month or the lameness continues.  I don't want him to be in pain just to do agility.  Bernie might have another pet dog in the house now. 

Doing everything I can to not cry at work now.


  1. http://www.belfield.com/megac226.php

    I used to give my cat mega c and she thrived on it. Never knew it could work for hip dysplasia and related issues. Worth a shot?

    ~ Lindsay

  2. Oh, I'm so sorry Katie. This sucks.

  3. He's on a joint supplement provided by his vet right now, the name escapes me. It has glucosamine and all sorts of stuff in it. He will likely have to stay on it long-term.

  4. I am so sorry about Basil. Our pets are just like our kids and you hate it when they are in pain and aren't happy. I hope things work out for him.


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