Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Nerds on Vacation

Since we're having to drive up to Tallahassee in August for a wedding we decided to take some extra time off afterwards and have a little road trip.  I've never been to St. Augustine or Kennedy Space Center so we are hitting up both and might drive by Downtown Disney on the way back to Tampa.

44 Spanish Street Inn
My friend Cat gave me a great recommendation of a bed and breakfast to stay in while we are in St. Augustine - 44 Spanish Street Inn I haven't yet searched for quilt shops to visit while I'm there but I know there are bound to be some nice ones to pop in to.  There is one right around the corner on King street!  I'm set.

We are only staying in St. Augustine one evening and will shop a bit the next day before driving down to Cape Canaveral.  I think we'll be staying at Casa Coquina.  The website brings back memories of the many websites created with Geocities in the 90's.  But who can complain for $89 a night? It looks cute and the gardens look very nice.

Casa Coquina
I've never been to Kennedy Space Center but I've always wanted to go.  My grandfather worked for NASA back in the Space Programs hayday.  I wanted to be an astronaut when I was a little girl.  I'd often jump on my dads recliner with his belt strapped around me pretending I was on a space walk tethered to the shuttle.  Then I found out astronauts have to be incredibly good at math and realized it probably wasn't meant to be.

Ringo has been to Kennedy a few times back in the 80's so we are both excited to see what they've done since then.  You can have lunch with an astronaut!  I'm definitely doing that.  They also do two different guided tours each day and we are staying for two days so we can do both of them.  Also featured is something called Star Trek Live and I'm wondering how different it is from what we did in Las Vegas at the Star Trek Experience before they closed it down. 

August is going to be full of traveling across Florida and of course I'll have my camera in tow.  Last night I had a dream we went on a cruise to the Caribbean and London (don't ask me how my brain works I don't know) and I apparently forgot my camera and nearly had a breakdown in my dream. 

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  1. I've been to the Kennedy Space Center once. It was back in October 1985. We got to see the Challenger. It was really interesting, but then became really sort of freaky after what happened.

    I hope you guys have a great time!


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