Monday, November 22, 2010

Day of Rest. Yeah Right.

Things I learned yesterday:
  • Most toilet tissues do not break down in the drain line.
  • The previous owner of the house was an idiot and put weed barrier and red lava rock over our main drain line access porthole.
  • Don't trust a company that says they will be there within 4-6 hours but can't give you an exact time
  • Things don't always go as planned (I knew this but it was a good reminder yesterday)
Our main drain line to the sewer clogged yesterday.  I knew something was up when I went to take my shower and stepped into 4 inches of water after letting it warm up.  Then I went to do the dishes and the water backed up into the sink and disposal.

I thought it was the disposal that had clogged.  Looked online how to clean it out, grabbed two buckets and a bowl.  Got the trap undone and lots of yucky water and drain cleaner everywhere before realizing it wasn't the disposal.  In the meantime Byron's sister Alice came to play so I felt bad having to deal with all this while Ana was here.

I dealt with a horrible company waiting to have a plumber sent to my house.  I get yelled at when my husband gets home for not dealing with the problem the right way apparently (trust me, I gave him an earful after that comment). He called the horrible company and asked them to have the plumber that was sent out to call him.  When the plumber did call him the plumber said it was the first he'd heard of my service call all day (7 hours after my initial request for service).  He also said there was no way he'd be able to come out since it was so late now.  We called a different company and they came out within two hours to fix the problem. 

So - my advice to you, don't use any toilet tissue other than Scott one or two-ply.  Don't ever use flushable wipes - he says 90% of the drains he unclogs is because of those and they don't break down in the drain line or sewer system.  They just sit there waiting to clog.  Keeps them in business.  We don't use flushable wipes but I know lots of people do.  We just used Cottonelle tissue but apparently it is way too thick of a tissue to be using.

Car crash 11/22/2008
My husband has a call into the original company that I called to speak to the owner and find out what exactly happened yesterday.  I wish I could be the fly on the wall when he speaks to them.  I've already posted several reviews online of the horrible company just to warn others to not use them.

Oh yeah - today is the second anniversary of my car crash.  Things could be worse as I am reminded this day.

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  1. Holy cow- what a horrible accident! Sorry about your sewer troubles, too.


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