Thursday, November 4, 2010

Agility Improvement

Basil's First Agility CompetitionRight now my agility handling is still coming along.  I'm working on getting rid of Flying Arm Syndrome and that is going well.  Basil handles much better when I've got better control of my arm signals and I don't fling them around.  His rear crosses are getting better and I'm fitting in more front crosses where I can.  He takes wide turns and I've got to work on him pulling into me better after a turn or change of direction.  I've tried some jump wrapping exercises but he hasn't totally got it down yet.

Basil doesn't like 22" spacing on weave poles.  He only consistently does 24" spaced poles.  I find that interesting. 

Next month is the CPE trial.  We've got 4 weeks to practice for it.  I entered him in 8 of 15 runs and we will only be there for two of the three days. I don't think either of us is ready for a full three day trial with all 15 runs.  I love the CPE games so I entered us into Standard, Jackpot, Fullhouse, Jumpers on Friday and Standard, Colors, Jackpot and Fullhouse on Saturday.  Definitely not ready for snooker yet, that game gives me a heart attack.

NADAC is hard for me because they love to put lots of jumps in straight lines and Basil doesn't send out like Bernie does.  He will do two or three jumps and then pulls off if I can't keep up with him.  Probably why I prefer the tighter CPE courses too.

Byron seems to enjoy running around and chasing toys.  He leaps off the ottoman to tackle Basil and shows no fear.  He loves to climb all over the living room furniture and continually tries to climb up from the floor but can't yet. He has this infatuation with Bernie that I don't understand.  She doesn't really play with him much but he absolutely LOVES her and goes out of his way to lick her muzzle and play bow in front of her.

I might pull out the play tunnel this weekend if the grass dries off and let the dogs play out in the yard.  See if Byron wants to do the play tunnel.  I bet he will.

I've been focusing on people socialization right now.  I'll probably begin some training this weekend and next week.  He's settling in well and is very happy.  Not much concerns him.  Sometimes a noise might startle him but for the most part he's a pretty confident, goofy guy.  He does love to bark sometimes though!  His little bark is so funny.  It is true that Cardigans make all sorts of noises about everything.  

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