Monday, January 24, 2011

Learn from me...

iPhone 4 Front Glass Shattered....don't do this to your cell phone.  This will be the second phone that I've shattered the front glass on.  The first one was a T-Mobile Dash, and that phone was notorious for having a screen that was very easy to break the inner LCD on.  I did that successfully and then I dropped it in a parking lot and it got run over by another car.

So my iPhone was dropped on my kitchen tile and this happened.  Lesson learned.  I ordered an Otterbox Defender case to prevent any future clumsy mishaps on my part from harming the poor phone.

The phone is being sent off to a repair service out in California.  Taking bets on what time the withdrawal twitches start today... I'm thinking around 10AM or so.  

Pretty bad when we become this reliant on technology....


  1. Are you twitching yet?

    Is this the one you got the custom drawing for? :-(

  2. Yeah but I stopped using the case a while ago since it didn't fit snugly on the phone.

    I'm going to turn it into some sort of art for the wall, maybe in a shadowbox or something. It will be used :)

  3. Oh my goodness. Last week I dropped my phone in my cup of coffee and thank God my husband was able to dry it out and I had it back within about 5 hours. I was twitching :-)
    I can feel your pain!


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