Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Scare of the Byron Kind and Other Updates

Last night was a fun time taking Byron to the ER to find out what was up with him.

Around 10PM I let the dogs out in the back to do their business before bed, then I went to call them in. Everyone came in except Byron. I looked out and he was laying in the grass. I called a few more times, he just looked at me. I shook the treat jar and had two corgis jumping on me but no Byron. I fed Basil a treat in his eye line so he could see, still, didn't get up.

Knowing Byron like I do I immediately think something is wrong. I walk over, pet him, he responds a little bit but still won't get up so I carry him inside. I set him down on the patio room floor to see if he will stand. He does, slowly. I walk away to see if he will follow. He is really lethargic and his conjunctiva of his eyes are super red. His eyes also looked swollen and he was having issues retracting his inner eyelid.

One of my first thoughts was "Did he eat something out in the yard?" and I know with all the rain, mushrooms have a tendency to pop up even if they were not there before since the ground is moist and we've had some hot weather the past few days. I check my yard for mushrooms and haven't ever had issues. Being that he wasn't vomiting or having loose stool I wasn't convinced it was poisoning but every dog is different.

I offered him some kibble, normally when I go to the food bin he is bouncing all over the place so happy that he is about to have dinner. He just moped around and wasn't happy. He ate the 1/2 cup of food I offered very slowly though. I took it as an ok sign but still really didn't have a great feeling about it.

Putting him in bed I noticed his eyes seemed to get worse, he was still lethargic and I just decided better to be safe than sorry and made the trip to the 24 hour ER vet. We have pet insurance to cover any illness or injury over $200 up to $12,000 per illness/injury, especially after what happened to Bernie.

He perked up when we got out of the car going into the vets office and we waited over an hour to be seen. She thought it was an allergic reaction to something. He got an eye wash and a little shot of epinephrine to help with any remaining reaction that might be going on and I was given the amount of Benedryl to administer if he needed more.

By the time we got back home and in bed it was after 1AM. I felt much better and I know he did too when he bounced into the house happy to see Bernie and Basil. They checked him out all over to see where he had been and they all settled in together in bed.

He seems to be doing ok so far today. I'm going to do a thorough yard check and remove anything suspicious looking. 

Everyone at the vet ER loved him and several people in the waiting room came up to say hi to him.  He was a popular dude last night.  

Other than that I've just been busy with agility practices for the upcoming trial, trying to get my house back in shape after the holiday crazyness, getting used to my husband's new shift, and some sewing when I have the time.  

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  1. Poor little guy. Sounds like Florida doesn't agree with Byron. Glad he's doing better.


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