Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cardigan Update + Pictures

We went and visited our puppy today.  Still not 100% sure of the name.  We are re-thinking Bilbo after saying it since it seems difficult to say quickly.  I think I've convinced the hubby to let me call him Bramble!  We will see if it sticks in a few weeks.

Now for the pictures!  Our puppy has the black patch on the side of his head covering his left ear and he also has a mostly black left rear hindquarter.

Our puppy 5 weeks old
Our Puppy 5 weeks old - sideview

Our puppy likes to play!

He was trying to get to a toy

Mostly he likes to sleep

All the puppies were very sweet, playful, alert and you can see the beginnings of potty training.  We also got to meet the sire and dam.  The dam (Nibbs) is super sweet and personable.  Most Cardis that I've met aren't that eager to come up and say hi without knowing you but she did.  The sire is big!  Our puppy is going to be a large Cardi.  He's the biggest of the bunch right now.

We had a great visit and we will go pick him up in about four weeks.  I've got some things to do around the house before he comes home anyway.  Walking in the door I got the grand inspection from Bernie and Basil.  Then we went outside and played with sticks.

I also took a bunch of pictures at Downtown Disney since we were in the area and decided to stop and walk around.  It was hot but fun.  Florida shouldn't be 95 degrees in September.  :(


  1. The breeder chose for you, right? What about your puppy (Bramble?) helped her know the he was for you?

  2. She has been doing it for 20 years so she is a good judge of temperament by now. She does do a temperament test around 7-8 weeks just to be sure. Since I want an agility dog she also checks the structure and makes sure everything is good for that, moreso than a companion dog. I want a dog that loves toys and he apparently loves them more than the others.


  3. I know most breeders choose... and I think I would trust a good breeder. I'm just curious about how much you told her about what you want.

    I'd love to get a puppy, but as long as Maisy is alive, any second dog will HAVE to be an adult because her needs are so specific.

  4. Well I gave her a description of what I wanted. Because of Bernie's personality we needed a male dog that would accept being bossed around a bit. We wanted a confident puppy that LOVED toys and food. That was very important to me that the puppy have lots of toy and food drive. Since I want a dog for agility I told her it was also important to me that the structure be good since some Cardis that you see have bad turnout on the front or back legs. Her dogs have lovely structure so that isn't something I really have to worry about.

    She's placed several puppies in performance homes so by now she knows what to look for.

    I got to hear him bark yesterday! I didn't think he'd be barking already at 5 weeks old.

  5. At a certain point, I think choosing a breeder is almost more important than an individual puppy... at least for what I want. (Ie, good structure, excellent temperament, etc.)

    I cannot wait to see the millions of puppy pictures you will be posting. :)

  6. Choosing a breeder is very difficult, especially if the breed you want doesn't have very many. That is a good and a bad thing - everyone knows everyone so you can quickly weed out the bad eggs but on the other hand, litters are few and far between so you might have to wait a year or two before getting one. I'm lucky mine is within driving distance.

    Let me know if you ever need info on Cardi breeders I can send you all the research I did and what I found out when talking to individual breeders. It was interesting to ask breeders what they thought about other breeders in the business and compare notes.

  7. Awesome. I definitely will need that in the future- I know I'll get a cardi pup at some point. :)


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