Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sleepy Weekend

He just wants a bathmat.
I did some work on my pinwheel quilt over the weekend and relaxed with the pups the rest of the time.

Basil checks on me throughout the day if I'm in my sewing room.  I've tried to convince him it's ok to nap in there but he doesn't like the noise sometimes and I move around so much it bothers him.  So he will sleep at the doorway to keep an eye on me or I'll find him in front of the sunroom asleep on the rug.  He loves mats and rugs.  Want to make his day?  Give him a soft bathmat to sleep on. 

We tried to do agility last night and got rained out.  He did well running the 9 obstacles in the rain before it started downpouring.  Oh well - we'll try again next week.  I got some good sends to a tunnel with him.  Still working on straightaways.  Having a running contact sucks when the next obstacle is right in front of the contact and your dog is already pretty darned fast.  Gotta work on directionals.

Bernie made both of us laugh last night by deciding it was time for bed at 9PM and staring at the bedroom door wanting to go in.  I tried calling her back to the couch but she refused to come over.  So I opened the babygate and she went right to her bed and went to sleep.  I have no idea what wore her out so much but she was tired and her bed was the only place she wanted to be.

Less than two weeks and we get to go see the Cardi pups.

Can't wait for the weather to cool off so I can clean out my backyard (get the old patio swing hauled off that was left there by the previous owners, remove bushes and ask neighbors to fix their fence) and hold a garage sale.  Maybe I'll refinish that piece of furniture that I said I would do last year.  I might just repaint it and use it as a buffet.  I need to go to the consignment shop and see if they have a dining room table and chair set that I like.  Then I can paint the dresser to match and put away the china my mom gave me.

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