Thursday, September 30, 2010


Getting some things crossed off my list before little Byron comes home. We've had this awful freestanding patio swing in the back yard since we moved in, I guess the previous owners thought they'd just leave it for us to deal with. Anyway - found someone on Craigslist that picks up scrap metal for free so he is going to let us know when he can come and get it. Some raking and throwing out some various leftover plant pots and the back will be normal. I wish we had a pressure washer to clean the fence but we don't right now. Maybe I can rent one in a few months or something to do some general cleaning around the place.

Moved some furniture around the house and I still need to do some more re-arranging before setting up the new pup area.

Work has been going ok. I was moved into a new office so I'm still getting used to that.

We're excited about our cruise planned for March. I know of two excursions I definitely want to do this time around. We're hoping to do the Cozumel Bar Hop which is basically a tour of the island combined with visiting 5 local bars and a private tour of Isla Roatan which is combined with a monkey/parrot encounter. Maybe this time I'll get to try some iguana. We tried to get our friends to sign up but I don't think many are going to go with us, if any at all. So we might be on our own again meeting new friends through Cruise Critic. It was lots of fun last time.

I need to make an appointment with the chiropractor. Ugh my back has been giving me issues so bad the last month or so.

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