Saturday, September 4, 2010

Weekend Update

This weekend has been somewhat productive so far.  I did some stuff for the wedding quilt I'm doing for a friend yesterday, we saw Piranha 3D, and we survived another outing to the local Waffle House.

Piranha 3D was pretty silly.  I don't generally want to go see live action 3D movies because I find they usually don't translate well and it isn't worth the extra $2.50 just to say you saw it in 3D. Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland prompted this rule since I found a lot of the fast motion in the film to blur when you do the 3D effect and if I wanted to watch a blurry, shaky movie I'd pop in a Jason Bourne DVD.   I've been sticking to animated films for my 3D experiences and I've been pretty happy.

What was fun about the movie to me were all the appearances of actors I like popping up in it.  Go take a gander at the IMDB actor listing to see what I mean.  Christopher Lloyd was pretty hilarious to watch.  Add all of that with the 100% probability that annoying teenage spring break kids are going to be eaten by carnivorous fish and you've got a movie I'd want to see.

I think I was more excited about the trailers for upcoming 3D films.  I've been noticing trailers for the new Resident Evil being played on TV but was disappointed to not see any zombies featured at all and swore I wouldn't go see it if zombies were not an integral part of the storyline.  Then I see the actual 3D trailer (with zombies) and was like omg we have to go see it.  Ringo laughed at me and said no, you said you didn't want to see it.  The 3D trailer is different than the other ones and actually explains the story (which is interesting to me).  The 3d effects of the trailer were incredible, much better than other live action 3d films I'd watched.

Here is the literal parody of the TV trailer if you wanna laugh at it:

Tron Legacy is the other 3D film I was excited about.  Not the first time I'd seen the trailer but this was a more in-depth one than the others.

My pups need a bath so bad!  Maybe tomorrow I'll get around to doing that.

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