Monday, September 20, 2010

To Do List

Things to do before puppy (still unnamed) comes home:

  1. Figure out where his crate will go in bedroom.
  2. Move bistro kitchen table/chairs and set up puppy long term crating area
  3. Get old porch swing hauled away from backyard
  4. Put up some deer fencing against neighbors fence to make sure everything is extra secure
  5. Cut back all bushes by neighbors fence and rake up leaves/pine needles
  6. Screw in any panels that have popped out again on privacy fence (gotta love the Florida heat)
  7. Get a few more baby gates for the house
  8. Dig through doggie toys and make a basket for puppy to rotate each day
  9. Find all the Kongs that have gone AWOL in the house
  10. Puppy proof rest of open areas
  11. Locate small puppy collar in doggie closet
  12. Figure out name for puppy
  13. Figure out food puppy and Basil will be fed

Yesterday was kind of a wash with work stuff at home.  Didn't get to do much of anything else.  My sewing room looks like a disaster.  This week will be focused on cleaning the house.

Tonight is agility class.  Crossing my fingers we don't have any rain and we have a breeze!  Both the dogs have been frisky the past few days.  I'm hoping that is a sign that the weather is changing.  I may take both with me to class tonight.

Just got word that my office is being moved.  I won't be by the building door entrance anymore. :)

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  1. Katherine, please email me: - you're the winner of the Book Giveaway from my blog. BTW, your puppy is a-dorable!


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