Monday, October 4, 2010

One Less Weekend

Can I just say, getting a baby gate should not be such a dramatic thing. I ordered a couple of inexpensive ones online (the kind that stay in place and have a gate that swings open and shut). Ringo didn't like it so I returned them and we picked one out together at Babies R Us. He wanted one that looked nice so we picked one out and took it home later on Saturday to install it.

The gate installation was a pain let me just put it that way. Once I manhandled it into place it works fine. The dogs now can't get near the front door since we blocked off all points of entry into the front rooms of the house (sitting room & dining room). I know Bernie likes to sleep in the front room but she'll find a new place to sleep in the other 1800 square feet of the house.

I got absolutely nothing done in the yard except getting my yard man to fix the sprinkler head that was snapped off last time they cut my lawn.

The dreaded patio swing wasn't removed this weekend like I hoped it would be. I'm gonna call someone else and see if they want to take it. We did purchase garden fencing to go beside the neighbors fence as an extra barrier. I've just gotta clear out the debris and put it up. Ringo bought me a little sledgehammer to use.

Byron homecoming countdown: 10 days.

Tomorrow is Ringo's birthday!

And a good portion of this weekend was spent working on a special quilt for a certain niece. Pictures to follow.

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  1. Oh my gosh! Only 10 days! I can't believe it's coming up so soon.


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