Monday, October 25, 2010

Exhausting Week and Weekend

Last Monday I decided I'd had enough of this being sick and went to the doctor.  I was diagnosed with an ear infection along with a sinus infection.  Went home after that to rest and get ready for family coming in later that week.  I didn't really start to feel better until Wednesday.  The cough syrup makes me SO sleepy.

My parents drove down Wednesday afternoon and we visited for a bit until Ringo came home.  Ringo's grandfather died on October 9th so they came down for the funeral.  He was such a sweet man and the short time I knew him I loved seeing him.  Ringo was so lucky to have him in his life.  Thursday was the funeral.  He was buried in the National Cemetary in Bushnell.  I don't think there was a dry eye around when they played Taps.

Friday we drove up to Orlando to pick up Byron.  He was the last puppy there as all the others had been picked up earlier in the week.  I couldn't believe how big he was compared to Bernie and Basil as puppies.  The breeder showed me how to tape his ears and we loaded up in the car for the ride home.  He settled in between mom and me in the backseat and napped most of the way.

He is quite the cuddler.  His favorite things in life are soft toys and sitting in your lap getting his neck rubbed.  He hates the ear tape but likes to have us scratch his ears since he can't get to it.  He's running around the house and yard really well and the dogs are getting used to him.  Basil was not pleased when he first came home.  Bernie seemed rather indifferent after giving him the once over.  He was up every two hours the first night home.

His vet visit went really well.  Dr. Ricci loves him and commented about what a great puppy he is.  He was very calm and let her do the exam without protest.  He weig  He even took treats from her which surprised me since he's been a bit of a fincky eater since coming home.  He met his first scary little boy in the waiting room and warmed up to him after initially being a bit scared.  Once I showed the little boy where he likes his neck rubbed he fell in love.

I'm hoping he starts to eat a little better.  We're switching him and Basil over to Nature's Variety - Prairie kibble.  He will eat about half a cup and then get distracted and go watch something else.  He only woke up twice last night so maybe he's getting more comfortable at home.  He doesn't cry much in his crate at all which is nice.

I'm taking him to agility practice tonight with Basil.  My friend Ellen has been kind enough to offer to check on him during the day when both Ringo and I are working.  I leave the radio tuned to 80's music so it isn't too silent.

He played with Basil outside for the first time yesterday.  Previously Basil would just ignore him or raise his lip when Byron came near but it seems he is warming up to him.  Byron's neck was soaked after this short play session.

He's a good little puppy.  He follows us around and is already responding to his name.  He is making good choices as far as things to chew on so far, I'm hoping that continues.  All in all, great addition to our family. 


  1. Tell me more about the ear taping: How often do you need to re-do it? How long do they need to remain taped?

  2. I'll have to retape it about once a week. They will have to remain taped until the ears stand up on their own. This varies between each dog. Sometimes it happens before they are 4 months old, sometimes it doesn't happen until they are 6 months old.


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