Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Good and the Bad

Dropped into a puppy kindergarten with little Byron last night.  He didn't know WHAT to think.  He adjusted well considering it was a full class (three hairless terriers, a yorkie, a large mix, vizlea, beagle and king charles spaniel) and the terriers loved to talk.  He loved people, had little interest in the other puppies.  I'm hoping some time in daycare will help him warm up to other dogs easier.  He gets his 12 week boosters on the 11th so after that I'm gonna start him doing a day of daycare when I'm able to. 

This weekend I plan on hanging out at the local outdoor mall to let him get some people exposure.  We'll find a quiet bench and see if any passersby want to give him treats.    He's a great little dog.  He loves toys and has really taken a liking to Bernie.  Bernie hasn't returned the sentiment yet, she will sometimes try to play with him but generally doesn't have any interest and raises her lip at him while he licks her muzzle.

And the bad news.... Ringo's company got bought out.  The deal will go through early next year.  There is talk of the Tampa office he works in getting shut down completely.  I hope he doesn't get laid off before he is able to find another job.  I told him to start applying nationwide and take what he can get.  I can sell the house in a year and a half and move wherever he is.  If we have to live apart for a year and a half so be it.  Hopefully that doesn't happen. 

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