Friday, October 15, 2010

Bernie Raw Diet Progress

Yesterday my vets office called with the test results of Bernie's recent urinalysis. Everything was completely normal, no crystals, white blood cells, bacteria or red blood cells in the urine. Her pH is still 8.0 which is too alkaline but we're working on that. This is progress from her last urinalysis that still showed some crystals in the urine.

I did breathe a sign of relief that something worked for her issue. Earlier this year she had to have bladder surgery to remove a very large stone. She somehow went into sepsis after that and nearly died. It was a long way back to normal. After trying various foods to manage her urinary crystals I ended up going "whole hog" and having a raw diet formulated by a nutritionist.

Now we're in the routine of making her food every two weeks and she knows when her food is being made. She'll corgi splat in the middle of the kitchen while we make it for her. Might also have to do with me giving her the leftover apples, bananas, kale and blueberries that I don't need. Basil loves it too, especially carrots.

For now, Bernie will be the only one on a raw diet because of time constraints and the fact that Basil's little digestive system doesn't handle change very well AT ALL. Byron and Basil will likely move to Natures Variety food or something like that since I want to get him off of the now Proctor and Gamble owned Innova Evo.

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  1. I'm so glad to hear that the raw diet is working for Bernie's issues! What a relief that must be.


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