Friday, January 28, 2011

Baby Teeth!

Cardigan Welsh Corgi - Last 2 Baby Teeth
Byron is almost finished losing his baby teeth. I'm sure he is annoyed with me checking every few days on his last two teeth left, his upper canines.

He actually lost one last night finally. It was really wiggly the day before so I figured it would come out soon. Especially since Basil is his designated Dentist right now:

So now we've got one left that we're waiting on to come out.
Cardigan Welsh Corgi - Last 2 Baby Teeth

Life with Byron has been really great. He's been making friends at agility class and has a blast at doggie daycare when I take him. I'm surprised with how easy he has meshed with Bernie and Basil. I thought Bernie would have more of an issue with a new puppy but she hasn't really seemed to mind at all. He annoys her sometimes but quickly stops when she tells him to.

Cardigans are very different from Pembrokes. I think I'm just about sold on the idea of only having Cardigan Welsh Corgis. We will see as life goes on. Byron loves to make little noises about things going on in the house, he often will whine while he plays with a squeaky toy - we don't know what that is all about but it is adorable. I think he's talking to the squeaky toy. He likes to carry his toys outside and play with them there. You show him how to do something once and he knows how to do it from then on.

He is a pretty vocal dog. He gets frustrated when he is crated and I'm running Basil on an agility course and will tell me the entire time I'm out there. Not as vocal as Bernie but more vocal than Basil. He whines, cries, barks, groans, sighs and makes various other noises.

Looking forward to relaxing this weekend. This week has been nuts.


  1. What do you see as the main differences between pems and cardis?

  2. Cardis have a more even attitude about life, rarely do they get overly excited or upset. Pems can have wild mood swings back and forth and they do everything to the max. When Bernie gets excited she gets EXCITED and when she's not happy about something she definitely tells you about it. Basil is the same way but not as intense.

    Byron is really laid back. I think part of that is that he is a male and male dogs are just more laid back about things in general. He's a relaxed, cuddly guy but will perk up for food or to go look at something if the Pems get excited. He is a bit of an alert barker though but will stop if I tell him it's ok and to not worry about it. Bernie would keep barking in contrast.

    Get a male cardi and you'll be happy!

  3. We just got a cardigan corgi Dec 16th. WE thought he was 10 weeks old, born Oct 7th but today is Feb 17th and he hasn't lost any baby teeth. He was a rescue from a bad breeder. The wife arranged to have them "stolen" because 7 out of 13 pups died. Anyway he is a kick- "Toby"- and our other two dogs get along fine with him. When did you see your pup lose his incisors? We are thinking Toby may be younger by maybe two weeks or so. Our Vet thinks so and she adopted one of the pups too. Thanks for any input! Pam

    1. I think he lost it a few weeks later but my vet told me he was losing his teeth earlier than normal. He started losing them at like 14-16 weeks old and they don't usually start until later - like 5-6 months of age. So that is hard to use as a gauge for how old the puppy is I think because they are all different.

      Your vet should be able to tell you if they need to be pulled.

  4. Toby was the runt. When we got him he weighed 5 lbs a good 1/3 smaller than the other 6 that were rescued. There were two litters from two different sets of parents. 7 pups died from a resperatory infection that the vet never did identify. She sent out blood work to make sure our pups didn't have the dreaded corgi gene-can't remember the name, before we vaccinated them. Luckily it came back negative. Toby thrived from the get go and he now weighs in at 13.8 lbs. He is a kick! My other two dogs accept him too, they are big and totally overcome him! Lol


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